Closed Loop Control Used in Applications Throughout Automotive Industry

Safety testing and the manufacturing of automotive components require constant monitoring and control of pressure and vacuum levels.

Among the many applications within the industry:

  • Control the inflation of vehicle airbags
  • Regulating pneumatic suspension airbags
  • Controlling the pressure in an aluminum die cast mold
  • Adjust the flow of dye-lube dispensed onto steel blanks for die press
  • Control vacuum on a brake booster
  • Test breaking point of automotive parts by controlling force on spring loaded cylinders
  • Radiator leak testing
  • Inflating tire with air for a spin test when balancing tires
  • Controlling pressure during a fuel pump flow test
  • Leak testing of fuel tanks
  • Calibration of automotive gauges
  • High resolution control of vacuum for part testing
  • Controlling the flow and pressure of painting systems
  • Generate closed loop vacuum using pressure with a vacuum venturi
  • Radiator flow and leak testing
  • Adjust force on cylinders in robotic resistance welding
  • Regulation of pneumatic cylinders during seat testing
  • Stress testing of various automatic components
  • Control pressure or force for tire manufacturing: build-up, stitching, uniformity

Air Bags

Our QB3 can be used to inflate air bags to raise a work table. Since the limit switch controls the height, change in weight on the table does not affect the height.


A QB2 mounted on a volume booster can control the pressure on the air side of an air-over-oil cylinder. As the air pressure increases and extends the cylinder, the oil pressure increases. A stainless external pressure transducer measures the oil pressure and provides feedback signal to the QB2. The analog monitor signal provides the pressure reading to the controller, enabling the operator to read the exact oil pressure being applied.

Controlling Exhaust

Our FA-Series flow controller along with an FQB3 can control the exhaust flow from a cylinder, thereby controlling the speed. This allows the user to extend or retract the cylinder very fast and then slow the speed at the end of the stroke, saving wear on the cylinder.

Pressure/Flow Control for Gas

Our QB2 mounted with a PSR Series air volume booster will control pressure to the tubing. An F-Series flow monitor with regulated input pressure can accurately measure the flow of the gas at the set pressure. If there are leaks in the tubing, the flow will be higher than a standard tube.

Pneumatically operated tables and lifts require air bag pressure control that is accurate and repeatable.
Air Bag Pressure Control