A Proportion-Air electronic pressure regulator can precisely control pressure to help leak test your products. Controlling pressure in a leak test can be accomplished using many different methods.

In this sketch, a QB1 is controlling pressure to leak test an ink jet cartridge. Once the test part is pressurized by our device, the controller closes a shutoff valve between our device and the DUT. The DS-Series pressure transducer then senses pressure in the part under test and leak decay is recorded by the controller. Once the test is completed, the controller opens the shutoff valve and pressure is relieved through the QB1.

This is just one possible method (of many) of leak testing that we are involved in. Give us a call or submit the RFQ form below and tell us more about your leak testing requirements.

The best part of leak testing with Proportion-Air is taking advantage of the excellent repeatability of our products. This directly equates to the repeatable quality of your products.