Control of Pressure Required for Liquid Flow

As an engineer at a plant with liquid flow/spraying applicators, your day is full of high-level problem solving. The last things you want to worry about are equipment uptime, constant line pressure or proper paint yield.

Proportion-Air’s closed loop technology ensures precise and repeatable control of the pressure, flow and controls of your liquid flow applicators. Thanks to Proportion-Air, your day just became less stressful.

Our custom designed electronic pressure controls, flow regulators and control valves assist in controlling spray for robotic painting applications, tablet coating plants and humidity control.

Robotic Painting

Under (or over) film build and paint waste are a constant struggle in robotic painting applications – unless your paint systems are equipped with fluid flow control. One way to get very precise coverage is to atomize the paint molecules.

With electronic pressure controls from Proportion-Air, you can control the density of the atomization, regardless of changes to the chemical properties of the paint. Not only can you control the density, you can even control the shape of the molecules through pressure adjustments.

The sort of precision command that electronic air flow control valves allow for is the reason closed loop technology like Proportion-Air offers is one of the standards for automotive OEMs.

Tablet Coating

With pressure, the polymer or polysaccharide coating builds up in the nozzle. The buildup leads to problems like tablet to tablet color variations, twinning, cracking, peeling and orange peel roughness. The list of problems goes on and on. Enter custom designed electronic pressure controls to save the day and your products.

Proportion-Air’s custom designed electronic pressure controls are known worldwide for their precise and repeatable control.

With flow control, when buildup happens, our custom designed devices increase liquid coating flow through the nozzle. This keeps your spray consistent. Whether it’s the first spray or the last seconds before the nozzle becomes clogged, our electronic pressure controls ensure the atomization of your coating liquid will be consistent.

If your manufacturing process demands a precise spray application, Proportion-Air can design a closed loop electronic air pressure regulator customized to your exacting specifications.

Powder Coating
A QB2 and an RM-Series volume booster controlling pressure to a known orifice to achieve a specific flow rate for atomizing the powder.
Powder Coating