Automation in the food processing industry creates a demand for the regulation and monitoring of air pressure throughout the production process. Closed-loop systems from Proportion-Air deliver customized electronic pressure control for a variety of food processing tasks:

  • Controlling pressure to cylinders that produce downward force on cutting machinery
  • Removal of oxygen in baking applications that require an air-free environment
  • Control the speed of AODD pumps operating in a factory setting
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and package integrity testing
  • Precision temperature control of saturated steam


When food manufacturers cook with steam using a double boiler, the cavity between the inner and outer layer is filled with saturated steam that needs to be controlled. With a process like pasteurizing milk, for example, accuracy is especially critical.

One option is to continually check the temperature via the sensor. This is possible with manual control, but this method permits rising and falling below the optimal temperature, which is not only effort-intensive but makes food production less consistent. It also tends to wear out the wetted parts of the steam regulator more quickly because of the continual adjusting.

Proportion-Air products allow you to set a programmable, constant pressure you can maintain without constant adjustment -one level that holds the line. This saves time as well as wear and tear, making the product more reliable as well as more efficient. It’s a bit like the mileage in city traffic vs. mileage on the highway.

Piloted Burling Valve regulators are used to ensure these products are packaged safely and effectively by accurately controlling the pressure in the tank.
Pressure Control for Aseptic Storage