Pressure & Flow Control Solutions for Test & Analysis

Virtually all manufactured products undergo a test and analysis process to evaluate and confirm the product is being produced according to specifications. This test and analysis step often requires accurate and repeatable pressure and/or flow control. Proportion-Air can help.

When it comes to controlling pressure and flow to test and analyze products and processes, Proportion-Air has the expertise and experience to understand your needs and provide a world-class solution.  There are many examples below, but this is a small sample of the work we have performed. We build custom solutions at off-the-shelf prices.

One of the most common process we are involved in is leak testing. The process of leak testing occurs in all industries and is a vital step that is required to validate the manufacturing of most products. Here are some of the leak testing solutions we can provide:

  • High pressure leak test
  • Low pressure or vacuum testing
  • Leak testing with pressure
  • Leak testing with flow
  • High resolution leak testing
  • All-in-one solutions

Obviously, test and analysis of manufactured parts encompasses much more than just leak testing. Reach out to us with your need and let us know how we can help. We strive to provide most quotes within 6 hours of understanding your needs.

Fuel Tank Leak Test
This Proportion-Air leak test device was designed to fill and maintain pressure in a PUT (Part Under Test).
Fuel Tank Leak Test