Fuel Tank Leak Test

Fuel Tank Leak Test

Fuel Tank Leak Test

The Proportion-Air leak test special was designed to fill and maintain pressure in a DUT. It has the ability to shut down the fill function so a leak can be measured. Here, we are performing a fuel tank leak test with flow measurement.

The leak test special uses two high flow digital solenoids to rapidly fill large volumes. It then uses a proportional (high resolution) solenoid to maintain the pressure even as the vessel leaks. The flow meter detects the leak rate. The remote sense line ensures correct pressure in the vessel.

In this drawing, an automative fuel tank of 16 gallons is leak tested at 5.00 psig. During the test, an analog signal is sent to the device to shut down the control valves leak compensation cannot happen. If leaks are present, the flow meter senses and tells the PLC.

The leak test special is not a standard product. But, this is just one example of the many custom products we make to fit your needs.

Visit our Test & Analysis market page for more ideas about leak testing.

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