Regulating Pressure, Thickness and Volume for Pulp & Paper Industry

Closed loop circuits are often used in the manufacturing of pulp and paper products.

Proportion-Air’s custom-designed systems can regulate pressure, thickness, volume and other variables. Our products:

  • Control the volume of powder being sprayed on paper based on line speed
  • Regulate the deceleration of cylinders when using pneumatic presses
  • Control pressure on a pneumatic brake on the position of an unwind station dancer arm
  • Regulate thickness of paper
  • Add pressure to press rolls to squeeze moisture from wood pulp
  • Control air pressure going to the cylinders that apply force to the press rollers
  • Maintain pressure on steam showers

Press Rollers

Our system is used to control tension on press rollers. These are large, fixed rollers, with one or two having the ability to move up and down to maintain proper tension so the product doesn’t bind up. Our system controls the fill in a pressure cylinder to control that properly. As the rolls push the paper through, there must be tension control – and not the application of a single tension, but rather a control valve that can continually react, exhausting or adding pressure as necessary to maintain consistent tension. There is consistency in output, which means less scrap and more bottom line.

Textile materials are stored on large rolls until needed. This sketch shows a continuous process unwind and festooning station concept.