Pressure & Flow Control Solutions for Custom Machinery

Proportion-Air’s closed-loop technology is used in a number of custom machinery and original equipment manufacturer applications. Understanding the needs of our customers and providing perfect solutions is what we do. We are happy to offer private labeling and custom data to our OEM partners.

These regulators, controls and valves meet the highest standards of quality, accuracy and repeatability. Some of the many applications include:

  • Controlling pressure to air knives used to remove debris from conveyer lines
  • Flow testing new compressors through the use of a back pressure regulator
  • Regulating pressure during brewing in beer vessels
  • Measurement of back pressure prior to filter clogging which stalls pump
  • Pressure control for air compressor headers
  • Precision control of liquid pressure
  • Squeegee control of solder thickness in the manufacturing of PC boards
  • Leak testing in plumbing fixtures
  • Load cell for second loop feedback
  • Evacuating air between window panes before being filled with argon gas

We have worked with many OEM providers for many years across most industries. We are proud to be a partner, helping to facilitate growth with each OEM.

A QB2 paired with a Burling Valve regulator can provide liquid pressure control to support various requirements.
Liquid Pressure Control