Pneumatic Applications by Proportion-Air

The Proportion-Air approach to business has always been application-driven. When it comes to pneumatic applications, we strive to meet the customers’ needs where they are – applying our product so it matches your specific requirements.

Every solution is a custom fit. We’ve helped solve thousands of applications across every industry. We take our basic product and gather application information from you, then we tailor a solution to meet your application needs.

Catheter Burst test

Our Devices Control:


These terms may sound rather industrial, but they are actually universal in nature. Such applications are suitable across the board from aerospace, to packaging, to medical and many more.

We are not limited in the scope of assistance. Wherever there’s a need for accurate, repeatable control using one of these five applications, Proportion-Air can help design and support your custom solution.

Size is Not an Issue

It doesn’t matter the size of the volume or the scope of the project you need to control. Our products look deceptively small – people may be tempted to think, “It’s so small. How could you pressurize a room and keep up with all the leaks you might encounter?” But we do.

Large Pneumatic Applications

For example, we’ve provided application solutions to aircraft manufacturers who wanted to fatigue test the fuselage of their aircraft. They needed a tool that could pressurize the large cavity at an altitude of 50,000 feet, and then reduce the pressure to sea level – and do that as many times a day as possible. Pressurizing a large volume is easy, but venting it back is not. Using our own base product and adding components from elsewhere, Proportion-Air came up with a spot-on solution.

Small Pneumatic Applications

A medical client came to us wanting to control flow for a blood gas analyzer. Their device pushes blood through a sensor which records the number of tiny red and white blood cells, and they needed to control that minute, precise flow. We met the application challenge by designing a high resolution, low pressure product that put pressure on top of the blood so it could control the speed with which the blood cells went past the counter.

High Pressure and Low Pressure Pneumatic Applications

We offer the same range of applications for high and low pressure needs. We have designed products which regulate water pressure in water jet cutters so they can work at 10,000 psi – that is, they can cut steel.  Likewise we also have applications where we need to regulate vacuum, which we do better than anyone else in the business.

An Impressive Scope

We run the gamut for industry application. When you use a Proportion-Air product, you’re getting the expertise of an entire engineering department – people with years of experience in a wide range of industries who know what to ask and know how to apply it.

It doesn’t matter how big or small, how low or high the pressure for your application. We’ll gather the information necessary to understand all nuances of an application – then we’ll guide you to the correct solution.

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