semiconductor and electronic manufacturing

As Moore’s Law hits a lull, can you do to improve your integrated circuit manufacturing? Electronic and semiconductor manufacturers are investing in expensive front-end processing equipment. Coupled with the equipment only being in production for about half of the time, how do you ensure it is running at peak efficiencies?

Look no further than high resolution pressure control valves and closed loop technology from Proportion-Air.

Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP)

Creating a nearly perfect, flat surface out of a silicon wafer is necessary with integrated circuit manufacturing. When you are working in nanometers you need to trust that your pneumatics are as precise as your process. By controlling the pressure placed on the polishing pads down to increments as small as 0.005% of full scale, Proportion-Air valves provide that trust while offering one of the highest resolutions in the industry.

How can you be sure your semiconductor wafer polishing machinery is performing properly? Closed loop technology can be used to acquire data and diagnose problems. Whether it be adjusting friction or controlling the head pressure for the slurry…we have you covered.


Changes to the shape of molecules and other precise controls during the sputtering process require pressure control valves of the highest tolerances. When you can’t risk damaging your silicon wafers, turn to Proportion-Air high resolution pressure control valves for the ultimate in precision and reliability. Controlling the coverage of melted gold sputtered onto silicon wafers during semiconductor manufacturing is an integral task. By using high resolution pressure control valves you can control the density of the atomization.

With the cost of semiconductor manufacturing plants running into the billions of dollars, you need to be confident your equipment is processing integrated circuitry of the highest standards.

Semiconductor & Electronic Applications

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