Proportion-Air is the universal leader for proportional electro-pneumatic pressure regulators. We offer the most accurate, repeatable, customizable products on the market today. 

Our expertise in electro-pneumatic regulators is in vacuum, low pressure and high pressure control applications that require excellent repeatability. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us. Our customization options are nearly unlimited.

High Pressure Valves

1:1 direct control up to 1,000 psi; ratio regulator assemblies for even higher valuesLearn More

Low Pressure Valves

175 psi or lower; down to 0-2" of water column full scale for sensitive applicationsLearn More

High Flow Valves

Single units for up to 200 SCFM, assemblies handling 2,000 SCFM & higherLearn More

High Resolution Valves

Offering increments as small as ±0.005% of full scale pressureLearn More

Hazardous Location Valves

FM-approved nonincendive or intrinsically safe regulators for classified hazardous areasLearn More