Experts in Force Control

Controlling multiple forces using a pneumatic cylinder is a common automation requirement. Force can be precisely calculated by knowing the cylinder’s effective area and the pressure being exerted on the cylinder, to achieve repeatable force control.

Proportion-Air’s standard electronic proportional valve provides an accuracy of ±0.2 percent of full scale and a repeatability of ±0.02 percent of full scale calibration – precise force is easily achieved.

Some applications require that a load cell be used for closed-loop force control. In this case, the load cell’s output can be sent directly into a QB2 proportional regulator as second loop feedback.

The QB2 does the loop closing for you – it compares your controller’s command signal input with the signal output from your load cell.

The benefit to the user is that PID loops no longer need to be tuned and response real-time. The analog monitor signal from the QB2 comes from the customer-supplied load cell and can be used for data acquisition.

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Flight simulators that use air cylinders to control force feedback on the simulator’s control yoke can use a Proportion-Air electro-pneumatic pressure regulator to control the force feedback to the operator using a computer or PLC.
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