Getting the best bracket, cable, power supply or other accessory to make your application a success is easy. See our options below, and let our team know of your needs while you’re discussing your project with them.


Proportion-Air offers a full line of mounting brackets for installation of our QB series proportional control valves as well as brackets for our air volume boosters and pilot-operated regulators.


Command Signal Generators

Need an easy method of providing an electronic command signal to a control valve? Proportion-Air’s electronic control valves usually control to a set point pressure value that is provided by an analog command or reference signal. These analog command signals are 0-10VDC, 4-20mA DC, or 0-5VDC with many special options readily available.

Often users already have a PLC or computer host integrated into their machinery that can provide these signals via an analog card or analog output module. However, for bench-top testing and other human controlled interface applications, a PLC is neither available or desired. Proportion-Air offers several possibilities of easily constructed analog command sources.

Looking for a more advanced solution: P2 Profiler PLC

Power Cords & Cables

Proportion-Air manufactures pre-wired and pre-assembled power cords for all of our pneumatic control valves. Many are custom fabricated based on a customer’s specific application parameters for high mobility, high temperature or chemical resistance. Standard lengths of 3, 6, 12, 15 and 25 feet are available to buy online. Contact our Applications Team for custom lengths.

When you require one-piece molded cord sets, Proportion-Air stocks a proven model from a well-known brand name manufacturer so you can be assured you receive a proper cord set.

Sintered Filters

Sintered Filters

Contamination in air lines is the #1 reason for premature pneumatics failures. Often, a simple low cost sintered bronze filter placed in line with the air supply to a pneumatic valve would have provided a last ditch defense against air line debris and prevented the failure from occurring.

Even clean air lines are at risk because thread shavings can form on tightening NPT threads and PTFE pipe tape strands can be introduced in new systems. Proportion-Air offers inline sintered pneumatic filters from 1/8” NPT through 1/2” NPT.

Pressure Transducers

Proportion-Air manufactures the DS series of pressure transducer. Originally “DS” stood for “down stream” to indicate a pressure transducer used to provide electronic feedback from the output pressure of a volume booster back to a QB2 series dual-loop proportional control valve. Most often the DS was installed in the gauge port of the volume booster.

Today, the need for a feedback transducer has evolved into a full line of pressure transducers that include low cost industrial pressure transmitters, very low pressure transducers and stainless steel transducers.

Panel Meters

Panel Meters & Displays

Proportion-Air’s electronic pressure control valves are all closed-loop around some type of sensor. Often, this is an internal pressure sensor inside the control valve. This sensor signal is used by the valve to close the loop and is then transmitted out as an analog monitor signal.

Often, users would like to have an easy method of observing the value being controlled by the valve. Reading the analog monitor signal directly on an LED or LCD panel meter is a common method of allowing a quick visual reference to see what value the Proportion-Air control valve is holding to.

Power Supplies

Power Supplies

Proportion-Air offers a line of AC to DC power supplies designed to provide an ideal power source for the electronic pressure control and electronic flow control valves. PS4515B (15V) & PS4524A (24V) are our standard devices.

For less typical applications, Proportion-Air has researched and tested select models of industrially available AC/DC power supplies that are also an ideal fit to provide DC power to Proportion-Air’s pneumatic control valves.