Safety Regulators

Proportion-Air distributes a line of pre-set tamper-proof safety regulators designed to assist management and leadership teams with simple and cost effective tools to protect employees and capital investments by reducing (and eliminating) potential damage from compressed air mishaps. These miniature regulators also offer solutions to directives on the safety of pneumatic equipment issued by industrial standards organizations such as ISO, OSHA and others.

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cartreg f/m

CartReg ®

Pneumatic Air Guns

Safety Regulators

EcoReg ®

Conforms to DIN 50940-6/FDA/EU

Safety Regulators

FluidReg ®

Coffee, Soft Drink & Filling Machines

Safety Regulators

HoseGuard ®

Pneumatic Hose Break Protection

Safety Regulators


Pressure Regulation for Medical Applications

Safety Regulators

SaveAir ®

Prevent Dynamic Pressure Waste

Safety Regulators

ToolReg ®

Pneumatic Tool Protection


Do you use compressed air?

Do you operate pneumatic tools and equipment?

Do employees constantly increase pressure to these pneumatic devices?

Have you ever experienced a compressed air related injury?

Would you like to guarantee personnel safety (from compressed air accidents) and increase tool service life?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please consider implementing some (or all) of these safety devices into your facility.

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