OxyReg Regulator for Oxygen Use

OxyReg Regulator for Oxygen Use


OxyReg – Peace of mind in medical applications
OxyReg is a PRESET inline miniature safety regulator for oxygen, nitrogen and other inert gases. This regulator features stainless steel internal components and is made of the FDA and NSF-certified material Grivory GV-5 FWA. It is ideal for applications in the medical industry, like complex respiratory equipment or as a pressure reducing unit in an oxygen system.

The pre-set OxyReg is a diaphragm operated, oxygen pressure regulator. The pressure is factory set and cannot be changed or tampered with. This ensures a precise and constant output pressure eliminating the risk of an unwanted manipulation of the pressure.

The use of high quality materials, such as the FDA certified Grivory® GV-5 FWA, stainless steel and many more, are key components for applications in medical environments, be it in complex respiratory equipment or as a pressure reducing unit in an oxygen system.


  • Reduces consumption
  • Reliability
  • Tamper proof
  • Lightweight, compact construction
  • Easy to mount in any oxygen supply system
  • Increases equipment service life


  • Anesthetic equipment
  • Respiratory equipment
  • Food & drink preservation equipment
  • Nitrogen filling system

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Technical Specs

Max Inlet Pressure260 psig (18 bar)
Weight1.56 oz. (44.23 g)
Dimensions2.05" x 1.34" x 1.34"
Temperature RangeGases: 32-140°F (0-60°C)
P1 Inlet ThreadFemale/Female, NPT
MaterialsHousing: Grivory
Spring: DIN 1.4310/AISI 301
Valve Seat: PPH/Santoprene
Spindle: DIN 1.4404/AISI 316L


The last 2-3 numbers (after POR234KM12) indicate the part pressure.

POR234KM12100, POR234KM12120, POR234KM1215, POR234KM1223, POR234KM1230, POR234KM1235, POR234KM1245, POR234KM1250, POR234KM1260, POR234KM1265, POR234KM1275, POR234KM1280, POR234KM1290, POR234KM1295

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Part Numbers & Technical Information
Thread ConnectionMax Inlet PressureMax Regulated Output PressureMax FlowTolerancesOxyReg Part Number
1/4" NPT260 psig15 psig0-400 L/min± 4.35 psigPOR234KM1215
1/4" NPT260 psig23 psig0-400 L/min± 4.35 psigPOR234KM1223
1/4" NPT260 psig30 psig0-600 L/min± 4.35 psigPOR234KM1230
1/4" NPT260 psig35 psig0-600 L/min± 4.35 psigPOR234KM1235
1/4" NPT260 psig45 psig0-700 L/min± 4.35 psigPOR234KM1245
1/4" NPT260 psig50 psig0-700 L/min± 10%POR234KM1250
1/4" NPT260 psig60 psig0-700 L/min± 10%POR234KM1260
1/4" NPT260 psig65 psig0-700 L/min± 10%POR234KM1265
1/4" NPT260 psig75 psig0-700 L/min± 10%POR234KM1275
1/4" NPT260 psig80 psig0-700 L/min± 10%POR234KM1280
1/4" NPT260 psig90 psig0-800 L/min± 10%POR234KM1290
1/4" NPT260 psig95 psig0-800 L/min± 10%POR234KM1295
1/4" NPT260 psig100 psig0-800 L/min± 10%POR234KM12100
1/4" NPT260 psig120 psig0-800 L/min± 10%POR234KM12120