medical & dental device manufacturing

Struggling with controlling pressure and/or vacuum? Whether you manufacture medical equipment like catheters and tubing, or use them as a medical professional, precise control is a must in medical & dental manufacturing.

When your products or your patients require the very best in pressure and vacuum control you can count on Proportion-Air closed pressure control systems.


Catheter Tube Manufacturing

Pressure control at precise levels is needed to obtain consistent catheter tube shape during the extrusion process. If the air pressure isn’t maintained precisely during the extrusion process the catheter tubing can have inconsistent thickness. When the tube has a different thickness on the outside wall than the inside wall, a cooling rate differential occurs. This differential can cause a thin layer to form. This layer is called the skin effect.

After ensuring the levels of pressure stay constant during extrusion, Proportion-Air controls initiate the cooling stage. Air is used as the initial cooling medium before reaching the cooling water bath. Through every stage of the catheter tube manufacturing process our valves and controls ensure your products are consistent and within spec.


With the costs and health risks associated with improperly produced products, you need to put them through rigorous testing.

Catheter burst testing, inflatable cuff testing and leak testing are just a few examples of how air pressure controls can ensure you stay off the recall list. Adding Proportion-Air custom controls to your testing environment will give you the confidence that the products that leave your door will perform under the harsh environments medical devices are deployed under.

Medical Professionals

Suction Wand Vacuum Regulation

During surgery, the last thing you need to worry about is your vacuum equipment. A peristaltic or piston pump system with vacuum sensors can only stop the pump when a preset vacuum level has occurred. Proportion-Air systems allow for proportional control of the vacuum. Whether it’s more air or less, our custom regulators, valves and controls give you the precise proportional control you need.

Hyperbaric Chamber Pressure Control

Controlling and increasing the pressure in a hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) chamber is key to this method of treatment. Through true proportional solenoid valves coupled to a unique analog PID control circuit the valves produced by Proportion-Air achieve high resolution pressure. Our devices offer the highest resolution in the industry with increments as small as 0.005% of full scale.

When you require precision in air pressure and vacuum control in medical environments you can trust the industry leading regulators, valves and controls from Proportion-Air.

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