Medical & Dental Device Manufacturing

Struggling with controlling pressure and/or vacuum? Whether you manufacture medical equipment like catheters and tubing, or use them as a professional, precise control is a must in medical and dental manufacturing.

Successful medical and dental applications include:

  • Leak testing using vacuum-through-positive pressure control
  • Controlling pressure in microfluidic, or lab-on-a-chip, applications
  • Controlling pressure for extruding plastic tubes and catheters
  • Controlling pressure and flow in a hyperbaric chamber
  • Testing for inflatable cuffs
  • Regulating vacuum on a suction wand

When you require precision in air pressure and vacuum control in medical environments you can trust the industry leading regulators, valves and controls from Proportion-Air.

An FQB3 & F-Series closed-loop flow controller controlling the flow of air into the chamber and a QB2 and BD-series back pressure regulator maintaining ideal pressure.
Hyperbaric Chamber