High Pressure Catheter Extrusion

Plastic catheter products are extruded using the assistance of pressure on the ID (Inside Diameter) of the catheter. This drawing shows a GX1 electronic proportional regulator controlling high pressure to the ID of the catheter in this catheter extrusion process. A QB3 is employed during the cooling and sizing process to control vacuum in the chamber. This vacuum is used to help set the OD (Outside Diameter) of the catheter tube.

Whether low pressure is required or pressures up to 1,000 psig, Proportion-Air can assemble a product to match extrusion pressure requirements. The Proportion-Air electronic pressure regulator (or also sometimes called a proportional valve) is adjustable on the fly with an analog or digital signal from the customer’s computer or PLC and it provides a linear and proportional pressure output that matches the command.

The devices are closed-loop so the pressure loop (PID) is controlled within the device. High accuracy and repeatability are often required for these applications. Proportion-Air’s standard units are accurate to ±0.2% of full scale calibration and repeatable to ±0.02% of full scale. This sketch also shows vacuum being applied to the sizing/cooling chamber of the process using a Proportion-Air proportional valve.