Virtually all industrial manufacturing employs air pressure regulation somewhere in their process. Often, air pressure regulation does not need to be highly accurate or remotely controlled. But, when electronic control, accuracy and repeatability are important, Proportion-Air is the global leader of air pressure regulation.

Proportion-Air specializes in the electronic control of pressure. We set the standard for low pressure, vacuum and high pressure air regulation and we love to learn about your process and help identify the best solution. Our free application/technical support is available via email or phone – let us know how we can help!

What is Air Pressure Regulation?

Simply put…air pressure regulation is the controlled reduction of a higher pressure to a known and specific lower pressure.

Pressure can be reduced in preparation for a downstream process or relieved to control an upstream process, known as back pressure regulation.

Regulating the Pressure of Air, Gases & Fluids

When it comes to controlling the pressure of gases and fluids, Proportion-Air provides both simple and complex solutions. We seek to understand our customers’ needs before recommending the best pressure regulating products. If we are unable to help, or if we are aware of a better solution available elsewhere in the market, we will recommend the best solution for every customer.

Electronic Pressure Regulatorss

Electronic Pressure Regulators

and control valves

Mass Flow Controllers

Mass Flow Controllers

and flow control valves

Pilot Operated Regulators

Pilot Operated Regulators

and volume boosters

Proportion-Air Products

Saturated Steam Control Valves

for accurate temperature control