Accurate Pressure Control for Medical Balloon Manufacturing

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How Can Electro-Pneumatic Control Improve My Catheter Application?

By 2026 the market share of the interventional cardiology devices is estimated to be valued at over $4.1 billion.

With that potential, many companies will be looking to get the right product to market. Medical device manufacturing leaves no room for error. Our FREE white paper, Accurate Pressure Control for Medical Balloon Manufacturing, shows how controlling electro-pneumatic pressure can help your process. You’ll be able to determine if electro-pneumatic control is right for your balloon catheter or angioplasty application.

You’ll learn:

  • Why accurate, repeatable pressure control is important for manufacturing medical balloons
  • How to use electro-pneumatic pressure regulators in medical manufacturing processes
  • Which medical manufacturing applications are especially suited to electro-pneumatic control

Visit our Medical Market page for more application examples. For general information on EPRs, check out Understanding Electro-Pneumatic Pressure Regulators.