Experts in Pressure Control

Precisely controlling multiple pressures using a command signal is needed in many testing, processing and manufacturing applications today. Proportion-Air offers a wide range of proportional pressure regulators (sometimes called proportional valves or I to Ps and E to Ps) for this purpose. If you are looking for repeatable pressure control, you came to the right place!

Proportion-Air’s proportional pressure controllers can be calibrated to work any range of pressure a customer desires: typically between full vacuum and 7,500 psi. However, extended ranges greater than 7,500 psi are available.

The lowest positive pressure range of (full scale) calibration is 0 to 2 inches of water column – the same range is available for vacuum also. Units can be calibrated from full vacuum to atmosphere as well or any point in between. We often build units that control vacuum through positive pressure with one device.

Precision is often important to our customers and we offer repeatability of ±0.02% of full scale calibration, accuracy as high as ±0.2% of full scale and resolution as high as ±0.005% of full scale calibration. A separate pressure sensor is not required to verify pressure when using a Proportion-Air electronic pressure controller.

Monitor output signals are available from most Proportion-Air units. This signal can be used for data acquisition or display. Flows of a few cubic centimeters to thousands of cubic feet per minute can be achieved. A wide range of volatile and non-volatile gases can be controlled.

An air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pump uses air to control the speed of the diaphragms when pumping various liquids throughout many manufacturing facilities.
AODD Pump Speed Control