In electric vehicles (EVs), battery vent relief valves act as critical safety devices. They prevent the uncontrolled release of harmful gases during emergencies by safely venting pressure or gas buildup within the battery. To check that the valves function properly, manufacturers create simulated test environments that replicate these hazardous conditions. This testing process is crucial as it ensures that the valves will perform as expected in the real world.

In this drawing, a QB2X electro-pneumatic closed-loop proportional regulator is piloting an RG4918 low pressure volume booster. This assembly supplies the pressure to one-half of the test fixture. The F-Series flow transducer monitors the flow rate. Once the first section reaches an overpressure, the battery vent valve in the middle of the test fixture relieves pressure to the second section/atmosphere. This overpressure simulates a situation in which the built-up gases in a battery must be released quickly at a specific pressure. Proportion-Air’s custom solutions provide accurate and repeatable battery vent relief valve testing every cycle.