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As you can see from the list of markets & industries we serve, our application knowledge is wide ranging and covers a lot of ground. What we do in one industry often lends itself to others.

Proportion-Air makes closed loop electronic pressure regulators and mass flow controllers. We can work any range of pressure from full vacuum to thousands of psi or any point in between. We can calibrate our pressure or vacuum products to work a full scale of just a few inches of water column or any point in between vacuum through thousands of psig. Many of our products can be calibrated to work well from vacuum to positive pressure in the same device.

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Contained Systems for Any Industry

Our devices are closed-loop, meaning that they take feedback from a sensor. Our units track a command signal from the customer’s PLC or computer and close the loop around the sensor’s output. PID tuning is not required–the Proportion-Air unit does it all for you. You control the speed at which the proportional unit responds by controlling the speed at which the command signal is adjusted to the device.

Many customers want to capture data as the process we control takes place and bring it back to a chart recorder, computer or panel meter. Most all of the products manufactured by Proportion-Air come with an analog monitor output. This monitor signal comes from the controlling transducer and is a real-time output from what is seen by the sensor downstream in the controlled system. This eliminates the need for additional sensors for monitoring.

Seeing is Believing

Our goal with the application concept sketches shown on our website is for the prospective customer to see the depth of our experience and understanding and how we are able to apply our product in any type of application. The customer only needs to describe the desired outcome and what they have to work with; by asking the right questions we will select the right parts for the application. There’s no digging through catalogs and putting part numbers together – we take care of all that. That means the whole process for the customer is (hopefully) easy.

We specialize in proportional control around five applications:

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