Pharmaceutical Pressure & Flow Control Solutions

The pharmaceutical industry requires precision control in all applications. Proportion-Air’s closed-loop technology ensures accuracy throughout a variety of processes including:

  • Regulation of atomized air in pill coating applications
  • Control of air-operated diaphragm pump


Pills are often coated with a polymer or polysaccharide coating to extend their shelf life, as well as to make them more appealing and easier to swallow. Sometimes medication is in the coating with certain control-release drugs.

Our device controls the pressure of the spray coating by controlling the air atomization (separation into smaller size droplets) onto the pills as they are shaken up inside big drums or coating pans. The device can control pressure to a nozzle with a fixed orifice to create the perfect amount of flow (e.g. 30 psi) using pressure or flow. With pressure, the coating may build up in the nozzle over time and cause a decreased flow. Our product ensures you get the same pressure right up to the point when there’s no opening at all. With flow control, when the buildup happens, our device increases flow through the nozzle to keep a consistent spray.


Our product can also be used to precisely spray anti-restenosis polymer solution onto stents. An anti-restenosis compound assists with preventing the recurrence of stenosis, or the narrowing of a blood vessel leading to restricted blood flow.

The system can accommodate vacuum or positive pressure to apply coating, and micro mist nozzles for fine atomizing sprays. The results are precise and repeatable – extremely important in such a heavily regulated industry.

Pig Velocity Control
Pipeline pigging is a vital and common process used in many industries to clean pipes, ensure proper flow and perform diagnostics.
Pig Velocity Control