An air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pump uses air to control the speed of the diaphragms when pumping various liquids throughout many manufacturing facilities. An electronic pressure regulator from Proportion-Air can easily provide AODD pump speed control to most AODD pumps.

Generally, our QB3 model supplies enough flow to control the speed of most 1″ and 2″ AODD pumps. For larger pumps, we recommend our QB1/PSR pressure control assembly. This is a single loop assembly that is less accurate than our 2-loop assemblies. But, in this application, our 2-loop assemblies react too fast to the back pressure created by the pump, which could cause unwanted oscillation. Our single loop assembly does not react as quickly because the QB1 is only controlling pressure to the dome of the PSR. This allows the PSR to mechanically adjust to the back pressure spikes without having to fight dome pressure changes at the same time.