Proportion-Air’s electronically controlled high resolution valves offer the highest resolution in the pneumatic industry with increments as small as ±0.005% of full scale with the QPV and MPV. Pressure ranges available from full vacuum through 150 PSI. These high resolution valves are available in many command signal configurations including VDC, mA, Serial and Ethernet.

Vacuum through positive pressure in the same device

Example Calibration of QPV: 0-10 VDC = -14.7 to +30 PSI (44.7 PSI total range)
Maximum resolution of ±0.005% = step increments of ±0.0022 PSI

High Resolution Valves

Take full advantage of your sophisticated PID control loops without the drift, re-calibration, and air quality headaches of traditional I/P pressure controllers. Our high resolution valves can be mounted in any orientation and are immune to shock and vibration up to 20Gs. Manifold mount, DIN rail and panel mount options available.

Proportion-Air achieves this high resolution pressure control through the use of a true proportional solenoid valve coupled to a unique analog PID control circuit. The true proportional valve eliminates digital stepping.

At first glance, the Proportion-Air family of ultra high resolution closed-loop electronic pressure regulators – the QPV and MPV series products – appear to be just another electronic pressure regulator with two valves and a sensor (which Proportion-Air invented, by the way). The advanced technology of these products, along with the resultant improvement in specifications in real world applications, provides the user with significantly improved resolution, virtually zero deadband and longer valve life.