The aerospace industry offers many challenges during the production and performance of their assemblies and components. Closed-loop pressure and vacuum control is a vital part of the testing process for precise, high quality results. Constant changes in pressure and altitude are another challenge. These situations demand exact instrumentation to ensure the safe operation of aerospace equipment.

  • The industry uses closed-loop pressure and vacuum control devices for applications like:
  • Stress testing of aircraft components due to frequent altitude changes
  • Regulating the mixture of fire suppression foam and water for airport fire trucks
  • Using air cylinders to control force feedback in flight simulators
  • Controlling pressure of pneumatic bladders in G-suits for flight simulators
  • Fatigue testing for aircraft fuselage
  • Applying repeatable pressure to gauges and transducers during the calibration process

Whether you need a pressure controller to help test components at specific altitudes with precision vacuum control or a device that can handle the rigorous vibration of flight while offering repeatable pressure control, Proportion-Air can help. Our team will identify the best solution to meet your needs and manufacture that solution quickly.

Fuselage Fatigue Testing
A Proportion-Air closed-loop pressure assembly, like the QB2, can be used to simulate atmospheric changes in fuselage fatigue testing.
Fuselage Fatigue Testing