A Proportion-Air QB1 is often used to test automotive gauges and provide consistent pressure gauge calibration. The QB1 is very repeatable and can offer pressure control from full vacuum to 500 PSI (depending on which model). In this application, a QB1X is used to test automotive gauges. A command signal is given to the QB1 from a PLC that relates to the desired pressure. The monitor feedback signal is available to compare the command signal to the downstream pressure feedback signal. This feedback signal helps determine if the QB1 inlet valve opens to add pressure or the QB1 exhaust valve opens to relieve pressure. The QB1 is available in two different ranges and accuracies.

  1. QB1X controls vacuum to 175 PSI with an accuracy of ±0.2%
  2. QB1S controls vacuum to 500 PSI with an accuracy of ±0.5%