Sometimes called “lab-on-a-chip,” microfluidics is the science of controlling and manipulating very small amounts of fluid. These can range in volume from microliters (10-6) to picoliters (10-12). The fluids are accurately controlled through a channel or network of channels that have dimensions from tens to hundreds of micrometers.

Microfluidics is attractive to industrial groups and researchers for several reasons:

  • Greatly reduces the consumption of samples and reagents.
  • Shortens experiment time
  • Allows multiple tests to run simultaneously

In short, microfluidics provides more actionable results, much faster.

Proportion-Air is quickly becoming the “go-to” solution provider in low-flow microfluidics applications. Our high-resolution electronic pressure regulators are the smart part of the process, precisely control the pressure to a single microfluidic channel or multiple channels (10+ on single manifold with shared inlet and exhaust). This series offers accuracy of ±0.2% and resolution up to ±0.005% of full-scale calibration. Stable, repeatable pressure control results in stable, repeatable pressure-driven flow through the microfluidic channels.

Our MPV and QPV electronic pressure regulators can be used to precisely control the pressure to single or multiple microfluidic channels.
Microfluidic Pressure Control