Dispensing with Electronic Pressure Control

Accurately dispensing products on production lines and laboratory settings requires closed-loop technology. The regulation of air pressure through custom electronic pressure regulators provides precision monitoring and control instrumentation. Our dispensing applications include:

  • Regulating pressure to control heads that dispense liquid products
  • Ram force control to dispense food products in a filling machine
  • Microfluidic dispensing


If you’re using a vat of liquid on your production line, our product provides precisely controlled pressure on top of the liquid so when a valve is opened to dispense the liquid, the pressure is always the same.

If you’re manufacturing a product on a continuous conveyor that requires a bead of glue (for example), our product allows you to increase pressure and increase flow when the line speeds up or slows down, ensuring when the glue is dispensed, it’s the same height and weight with each and every application. In a closed-loop system, this can go even further. You may have a sensor that senses the bead size with which you will close the loop. You can tell us how much pressure we need to make so that we are sure the bead size is the same regardless of line speed. This comes with extreme precision.

High Resolution

The resolution of the QPV is as high as +/- .005% of full scale calibration. Sometimes pressures are as low as two inches of water column – with 28 inches of water column per PSI.

One customer uses the QPV to control pressure on a large syringe that dispenses solder paste onto circuit boards. They require absolute precision – and the only way they’ve been able to achieve this is with the QPV. It would be impossible to provide the required level of precision either manually or mechanically without the high resolution repeatable adjustments of this product, which continually makes changes in pressure by making minute differences in command signals.

An electronic pressure regulator from Proportion-Air can easily provide AODD pump speed control to most AODD pumps.
AODD Pump Speed Control