Controlling pressure in laser cutting

Precision laser cutting requires the use of precision electronic regulators and controls. Proportion-Air offers a line of custom systems that regulate pressure in high-tech laser equipment.

Applications include:

  • Adjustments to gas mixtures for laser charging chambers
  • Regulation of pressure for laser cutting machinery
  • Adjusting shield gas for automated laser welding equipment

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a primary application for our QB3H regulators. Low pressure oxygen pierces the metal, then high pressure nitrogen achieves a clean cut. As the laser is making the cut, the oxygen helps burn through the metal. Once the surface is pierced, the switch to another gas (like nitrogen) keeps it clean. This action is somewhat like blowing metal shavings aside to keep the cut debris-free. This precise cutting means you don’t have to further machine any pieces off the edge, maximizing the effective and economical use of material.

The common valves that deliver these gases simply turn on and off, with no proportional adjustment. Their job is to select the correct gas based on what the laser is going to cut. The job of our equipment is to pass the blended gas proportionally. A computer tells our device as the cut is being made what the pressure should be to keep it clean and it continually adjusts.

The QB3H is developed for laser cutting applications where oxygen is the piercing gas and pressure requirements are as high as 500 psig.
Laser Cutting Assist Gas