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Proportion-Air products are designed and manufactured 100% in the USA. Industrial quality electronic pressure and flow controllers for every industry. We specialize in vacuum, low pressure and high pressure control applications. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us – chances are pretty good we can help 🙂

proportion-air products

Electronic Pressure Regulators

Proportion-Air designs and manufactures electronic pressure regulators for a wide variety of applications. Pressure controls are available for very low pressure applications (down to 0-2 inches of water column), very high pressures (up to 1000psi direct electronic control), high flow rates (up to 4 inch pipe), ultra high resolution (up to 0.005% FS resolution), intrinsically safe (Factory Mutual Class 1 Div 1 and Class 1 Div 2), and low cost OEM style pressure controls. More Proportion-Air products below.

proportion-air products

Electronic Flow Controls

Proportion-Air manufactures two types of flow control valves; closed loop mass flow control valves and open loop variable orifice flow control valves. The F-series mass flow transducer is the heart of the closed loop models. The F-series calculates flow based on differential pressure which results in very fast flow measurements. This flow can be connected to Proportion-Air’s pneumatic control valves as a feedback loop for closed loop control. The FCV (Flow Control Valve) is a variable orifice angle seat design. The FCV closes the loop around an internal valve position with an integral LVDT. The position of the valve directly correlates to valve flow capacity (Cv) based on careful design of the parabolic valve plug geometry.

Safety Regulators for Tools and Machines


proportion-air products

Safety Regulators

Proportion-Air offers a complete line of miniature safety regulators designed with safety and performance in mind. These safety regulators are intended to protect people, tools and machines from excessive (and often dangerous) air pressure. Need to limit the air pressure to your brand new impact wrench? Would you like to protect your employees from pneumatic hose breaks? How about pre-regulating pressure to one of Proportion-Air’s ultra-low pressure electronic regulators? Maybe, you just want to limit the pressure to your CNC machine and prevent workers from turning it up too high? Answer YES to any of these, click here to learn more or contact us for ordering. LEARN MORE

Custom Products, Volume Boosters & Accessories


Custom Products and Custom Solutions

Proportion-Air builds only electronic pressure and electronic flow control valves. Each control valve we build is carefully selected based on each customers unique application parameters. Often, a standard catalog valve just isn’t a good fit. Rather than have you design around a catalog valve, Proportion-Air likes to work with each customer to see if modifying our existing technology could provide you with a better solution. See how Proportion-Air can quickly and cost effectively help you engineer a control valve right for your application.

proportion-air products

Pilot Operated Regulators and Volume Boosters

Often called air volume boosters, Proportion-Air manufactures or represents many types of pilot operated regulators to fit your application’s unique parameters. Both piston operated and diaphragm operated volume boosters are offered. Models are available for high pressures, ratio operation (1:1, 2:1, 15:1, 45:1 and more), steam temperature control, vacuum pressure control, very low pressure control, and for high temperatures. Air piloted regulators are also available in a wide variety of body and elastomer materials for oxygen clean/oxygen compatibility or for corrosive applications.

Control Valve Accessories

Proportion-Air manufactures and supplies accessory equipment for the operation of your electronic pressure or electronic flow control valve. AC to DC power supplies, analog command signal sources, control valve mounting brackets, pre-wired power cords, ultra-sonic distance sensors, and panel meters to display the pressure or flow readings are available.

What Our Customers Say

  • What an excellent process you have for specifying parts for your customers. I am very impressed.

    Jamison B. - Monrovia, CA

  • I met with Bill today...He was impressed by your knowledge and application of your products and wanted me to thank you for your excellent support.

    Bob R. - Newark, CA

  • It is really a pleasure to work with Proportion-Air. You cannot imagine what kind of problems I have with some manufacturers. Thank you very much!

    Sungur - Istanbul, Turkey

  • I'm astonished for the quickest answer ever!

    Alessio B. -Bologna, Italy

  • I'm happy to report that the trial on the QPV1 has been going well. I'm quite impressed by the performance of the unit. I'm also very impressed by the service that I received from Nick Archer which I think merits specific attention. Nick has been extremely responsive to my emails and questions. He has been patient, has kept his word, and has always replied to me quickly with an answer or a reply to my questions. Nick has provided me with what I, and certainly others in my group, consider to be a perfect example of top notch high quality customer service.

    John C. - Columbus, Ohio

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