Proportional Electro-Pneumatic Pressure & Flow Control Devices

Burling Valve

Industrial Process Regulators

Protect Air

Miniature Regulators for Compressed Air Tools & Systems

As low as 0-2 inches of water column to 5,000 psi +

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Mechanical Pressure Regulators

Reliable process pressure control for fluids & gases

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Pneumatic Safety Regulators

Affordable, pre-set, tamper-proof safety regulators

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Mass Flow Control Valves

Closed-loop electronic mass flow controllers that control flow rates from 2 SCFH to 250 SCFM

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Pressure Transducers

Accurately measure the pressure of gases and/or fluids in industrial and laboratory processes

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Building New Connections at Georgia Tech

Just in time for the start of classes at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, members of our team visited the university to offer engineering students and faculty an opportunity to work with our Proportional Electro-Pneumatic Starter Kit. The kits are designed to help students understand proportional electro-pneumatic control. Hearing about the kit spurred … Continued

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WEBINAR: (Nearly) Everything You Wanted to Know About Pneumatic Control

Electrical Engineer, in the hot seat with Application Specialist Hammond Willey. Join them at 11:30 a.m. Eastern on Tuesday, June 27, as they address some of the most common questions about pneumatic control. REGISTER Synopsis: Compressed air and other gases are ubiquitous in factories and labs, but what do you need to know to manage … Continued

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WEBINAR: Improving Process Control for High Quality Medical Manufacturing

Missed the live version? WATCH ON-DEMAND Join our team at 11:30 a.m. Eastern on Thursday, April 20, for a webinar covering the best ways to improve your medical manufacturing applications with pneumatic control. Our panel members, including Applications Manager Ron Hibbler, Business Development Manager James Spence, and Application Specialist Hammond Willey, will discuss some common … Continued

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