The process of manufacturing tires is complicated and consists of numerous components that must be compiled and cured under intense heat and specific pressures. Proportion-Air has been “behind-the-scenes” for many years ensuring precise pressure control for many applications in the tire manufacturing process.

Adjustments and regulation of pressure are the major considerations in tire manufacturing and tire testing. Proportion-Air offers closed-loop electronic flow control and pressure control regulators and valves for a variety of applications in the development and use of rubber tire materials, including:

  • Control of saturated steam during the curing process.
  • Pressure adjustments required as tires are built around a drum, during the inflation of tires while testing and during the manufacturing and mounting process.
  • Test measurements for uniformity and balance during the final finishing of the manufacturing process.
  • Grinding of tire whitewalls to remove unwanted materials…we know you miss these.
Proportion-Air is very successful in controlling the pressure to saturated steam to achieve the desired temperature.
Tire Curing