Retread Differential Pressure Control

Differential pressure control is used often to keep a specific process at a “pressure differential” from another specific (but related) process. In tire manufacturing, Retread Differential Pressure Control is used to prevent “peaking” or deformation of the tire during the curing process.

In this sketch, a constant set pressure is applied to the curing tank. The curing tank pressure is being measured by a Proportion-Air DST transducer, which acts as the command signal to a QB1/PSR pressure control assembly. The DST has an offset calibration of 15-85 PSI and the QB1 is calibrated 0-70 PSI for the sleeve pressure. This ensures that sleeve pressure remains 15 PSIG lower than tank pressure at all times.

Proportion-Air has several methods to control differential pressure in your process automatically. Submit the request quote form below and tell us about your application. It is our intention to provide quotes within 6 hours of understanding your needs.

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