PSR Series Dome-Loaded Regulator

PSR Series Dome-Loaded Regulator

PSR Pilot Operated Regulators | General Purpose

PSR pilot operated regulators are dome-loaded, self-venting volume boosters ideal for pairing with our QB series electronic pressure regulators. The PSR provides a controlled pressure with much higher flow rates than can be achieved through the QB products alone.

  • Handle any inert gas or can be adapted for use with natural gas, propane or oxygen
  • General duty and low cost
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Technical Specs

MAX Inlet Pressure300 PSI (20.7 Bar)
P2 Pressure Range0-200 PSI (13.8 Bar)
Operating Temps0-175°F (-18-79°C)
Filtration40 Micron
Port Size1/4″ thru 1-1/2″
Relief Flow Capacity19 SCFM Max (538 LPM)
Available OptionsNR | Non-Relieving
Available OptionsO2 | Oxygen Cleaned**(Size 2, 3, & 4 only)
Available OptionsEV | Viton Elastomers*


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7 Port Sizes and Flow Rates | PSR-Series Pressure Regulators & Volume Boosters

Max Flows | P1 = 125 PSI, P2 = 80 PSI


PSR2 | 1/4″

Max Flow, 80 SCFM

PSR Pilot Operated Regulators

PSR3 | 3/8″

Max Flow, 100 SCFM

PSR Pilot Operated Regulators

PSR4 | 1/2″

Max Flow, 150 SCFM

PSR Pilot Operated Regulators

PSR6 | 3/4″

Max Flow, 400 SCFM


PSR8 | 1″

Max Flow, 500 SCFM

PSR Pilot Operated Regulators

PSRA | 1-1/4″

Max Flow, 650 SCFM

PSR Pilot Operated Regulators

PSRB | 1-1/2″

Max Flow, 750 SCFM

General Duty, Low Cost

PSR pilot operated regulators handle most industrial shop air applications. The PSR is a cost effective air volume booster that converts an air pilot signal pressure into a high flow output pressure. This is a self-relieving regulator, so pressure can be controlled forward and reverse. The PSR pneumatic regulator is one of Proportion-Air’s most widely used pilot operated regulators and is a great match with the QB series of electronic pilot regulators.