Glass Manufacturing

Glass manufacturing and pressed glass components requires precise control of pressure, temperature and flow.

From agitation problems in the tank due to poor flow control, repeatable force on the scoring wheel to tension control on the edge seamer, there are lots of hurdles to getting a windshield past quality inspection. Even if you get past those, you need to ensure the slightest variation in pressure from the cylinders to the nipper rollers doesn’t result in air bubbles within the PVB layer. Talk about major headaches. At Proportion-Air, we don’t like headaches, and we assume you don’t either.

Our custom closed-loop electronic flow control valves and pressure controllers are hallmarks of repeatability and extreme precision that will allow your windshield manufacturing line to continue operating at peak performance.

Controlling Air Flow to a Tank

A good windshield starts with good glass. Ensuring accurate control of the air flow to keep the molten material agitated is a must. Proportion-Air closed-loop flow controllers have you covered, even in high flow environments up to 250 SCFM.

Controlling Force on Glass Cutting Machine

Applying adjustable force to the scoring wheel on the fly is a requirement Proportion-Air pressure regulators can easily help you meet. With fast forward and reverse flow capabilities our closed-loop regulators allow for repeatability from first shift to third.

Controlling Tension on Seamer Sanding Belts

Seaming windshields is an exercise in precision. When the sanding belts on your seamer need adjustability on the fly, we are there. At Proportion-Air we hang our hat on producing electro-pneumatic controls with a high speed of response, sensitivity and accuracy.

Automatic Suction Transferring Device

Stop us if you have heard this one before. Something gets in between your robots suction cups and the windshield, breaking the vacuum seal. Not a fun time on the line. Enter closed-loop flow controls. Our sensors detect the loss of seal and apply more vacuum force. Crisis averted. The sensors can even be calibrated so that if the glass is too dirty the cups don’t pick up the glass.

Controlling Pressure in Glass Lamination

Consistent force across the entire laminated glass face is crucial in eliminating air pockets within the PVB layer. Good adhesion is gained by applying constant, accurate force on the cylinders that power the nipper rollers. Proportion-Air’s electronic pressure regulators carry a repeatability of +/-0.02% of full scale calibration, making them the ideal component in the most important step of the windshield manufacturing process.

Closed-loop systems from Proportion-Air are custom fitted for a variety of applications within glass manufacturing:

  • Rapid changes in pressure in bottle molding applications
  • Mold cooling through the regulation of the flow of water or other cooling media
  • Controlling air to maintain agitation in a tank of molten material
  • Rapid adjustments to glass cutting machinery
  • Adjusting tension on sanding belts
  • Controlling force on nipper rollers during auto glass construction
  • Polishing auto glass with the use of pneumatic air cylinders
  • Forming glass bottles by using a cylinder to force materials into a mold
  • Squeegee force control used for auto glass silk screening

If you need to ensure extreme precision and repeatability throughout your windshield manufacturing line, then Proportion-Air can design a closed-loop electronic air pressure regulator or flow controller to meet your demanding environment.

Glass Manufacturing Solutions & Applications

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