Experts in Vacuum Control

The use of vacuum is common in many testing, manufacturing and industrial processes. Proportion-Air specializes in closed-loop vacuum control in three different ways.

Regulate (Inline) Vacuum

The Proportion-Air closed-loop electronic proportional valve regulates vacuum from a vacuum pump based on command signal input from a customer-supplied controller. The output of the Proportion-Air electronic regulator is proportional based on the command signal input.

Calibrated ranges are chosen by the customer and can be factory calibrated as low as 0 to 2 inches of water column or as deep as 0 to 29.9 inches of mercury vacuum. A monitor signal from the on-board vacuum transducer of the regulator can be used for data acquisition.

Generate Vacuum

A Proportion-Air closed-loop electronic proportional valve and external vacuum transducer can be teamed up with a customer-supplied vacuum venturi for a closed-loop vacuum generator.

Fine control can be achieved when using multi-stage vacuum generators and Proportion-Air’s dual closed-loop controller scheme. No PID loop adjustment is necessary with this set up. One merely changes the command signal to the QB2 that equates to the level of vacuum control required.

The QB2 does the loop closing and you can access the level of vacuum in your system by connecting to pin 5 on the main electrical connector. This signal can be taken back to your controller/computer for data acquisition.

Break Vacuum

In applications such as test chambers and PVC pipe and medical tubing cooling chambers, vacuum pumps are connected to the chamber and allowed to run all the time. These chambers are typically not leak proof.

In this case vacuum control is achieved by regulating the amount of atmosphere introduced to the chamber with a closed-loop vacuum breaker.

Vacuum is adjusted in the chamber by giving a command signal to the Proportion-Air electronic closed-loop vacuum breaker.

This device maintains the level of vacuum automatically and shows the level of vacuum in the system with a monitor output signal.

In this example a QB3 pressure regulator is used in a pressure decay leak test for an I.V. bag.
Leak Testing with Vacuum through Positive Pressure