Proportion-Air Case Study 

Altitude Simulation | Flight Mask Leak Testing

Product and equipment manufacturers test their products to be sure they meet their customer’s expectations for performance. Those who make products that will be used at different altitudes often test in altitude simulators to ensure performance meets expectations. Whether its an oxygen mask or oxygen regulator for an aircraft or vehicle or aircraft fuel components, altitude simulation is the easiest way to test the equipment in a controlled environment.

The Situation

In the application shown in the drawing, the customer was testing aircraft mask components and they were looking for a means to make smaller changes in altitude in their simulator and also achieve higher accuracy than they achieved with the device they were using. They tested Proportion-Air’s QPV electronic pressure regulator on their simulator.

The Solution

With Proportion-Air’s QPV they were able to achieve an amazing accuracy:

±5 feet at 50,000 feet.

When put into a unit of measure with which more of us are familiar, the accuracy they achieved was ±0.0013 PSI of vacuum.

The same technology is available for small chambers or room-sized chambers. Proportion-Air products are built to match the customer’s needs.

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Altitude Simulation for Flight Mask Testing