Vacuum Suction Wand

Vacuum Suction Wand

Vacuum Suction Wand

Most dental and surgical procedures employ a vacuum suction wand to help remove blood and/or saliva from a patient during a procedure. A vacuum pump by itself would probably work for this application, but it would waste a lot of energy and money by running all the time.

By adding an electronic pressure regulator to directly control the vacuum, it can be turned on only when needed. The QB3 offers high flow for vacuum control and it can be paired with custom potentiometers (such as a foot pedal) to activate and control the command signal, or amount of vacuum desired.

In this sketch, the QB3 is providing consistent vacuum control to a container. The wand draws vacuum from the container and deposits the liquids there, as well. The filter protects the QB3 from sucking up unwanted liquids.

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