Plastic Tube Extrusion

Plastic Tube Extrusion

Plastic Tube Extrusion

The best plastic tube extrusion processes control low pressure inside the tube and vacuum outside the tube to create specific tube wall thicknesses. Proportion-Air can help with the entire process.

In this application, a QB3 controls low pressure (often inches of water column) through the tubing to maintain ID (Inside Diameter) and wall thickness. Then, the cooling and sizing chamber is large enough to require multiple Vacuum breakers to maintain a vacuum setting in the chamber to produce the correct tubing O.D. – outside diameter.

The vacuum breaker concept is about injecting positive pressure into a vacuum chamber to achieve a specific vacuum pressure. The vacuum breaker assembly needs to be sized properly because it must have the flow capability to overcome the flow of the vacuum pump.

Learn more about the 3 different methods we use to precisely control vacuum.

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