Torque Gun Control

Torque Gun Control

Pneumatic Torque Gun Control

Pneumatics can be used to provide remote torque gun control that is both accurate, simple and very repeatable.

In this sketch, a QB2 is piloting a PSR-Series air volume booster that is controlling pressure to a torque gun. A torque sensor is providing direct feedback to the QB2. This feedback is in a 0-10 VDC analog signal that represents the full torque range of the sensor.

The QB2 is calibrated at 0-10 VDC = 0-100 PSI – in this case, 100 PSI would create the maximum torque on the torque gun. This customer’s process has 6 specific torques they use, so a selector switch was used that provides 6 specific output VDCs. These VDCs are the command signal to the QB2. A 50% command to the QB2 would equate to a 50% (of torque gun capacity) torque in the process.

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