Tire Bead Curing

Tire Bead Curing

Tire Bead Curing Procedure

This drawing shows a specific application we did to help a customer with their tire bead curing process. Simple, but stable pressure control was required, so we employed our QPV series for high resolution stability.

The procedure for this process:

  1.  Close ball valve #1
  2. Charge 2700 cubic inch vessel with 33 psi (0.22 MPa) by opening ball valve #2
  3. Close ball valve #2
  4. Command QPV to 3.33 Vdc (30 psi (0.2 MPa) output pressure)
  5. Open ball valve #1 to allow Fairchild booster to vent off pressure
  6. QPV should maintain stable output pressure of 30 psi (0.2 MPa) within 0.5-1 second
  7. Vessel pressure sensor is used to verify PSI pressure level   

The volume is fairly large, so a volume booster was added to increase flow potential. A constant bleed was also added to the volume booster to improve stability during fill.


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