Curing a green tire with saturated steam is a critical process. Proportion-Air is very successful with this application because we control the pressure to saturated steam to achieve the desired temperature.

Due to the high temperatures involved, the QB2 can be remotely mounted from a Burling Valve BD-Series steam regulator to control steam pressure in a tire curing application. The DST is also remotely mounted, providing pressure feedback to the QB2, while avoiding the upper limits of its temperature resistance.

Proportion-Air recommends using a steam regulator instead of a steam control valve to control temperature. The steam regulator is much simpler to use and repair. Plus, it achieves temperature much faster and provides very stable control during the process. The pressure of saturated steam is directly related to its temperature.

What’s a steam regulator?

Saturated Steam Control Valvesthe Burling Valve & Proportion-Air way

Steam Temperature Control