Pneumatic hoses transport compressed air to all areas of most factory floors, supplying the necessary energy to perform any number of processes that make the products we use every day. Sometimes, a hose gets pinched, snapped or it can break and/or disconnect from a process causing pneumatic hose whip. A whipping hose can be very dangerous to personnel and potentially damaging to equipment. Pneumatic hose whip protection is as simple as HoseGuard.

Installing HoseGuard is an easy and effective solution that prevents a hose from whipping in the event of breakage. The HoseGuard is pre-set and will instantly shut off the air flow should the air consumption (flow) exceed the factory set flow. A small bleed hole allows for the broken hose to be changed without having to shut down the entire air system, preventing costly down time. Both male and female connection points are available.

HoseGuard® 3D Function Simulation

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