This drawing shows Proportion-Air’s QB1 electronic pressure regulator controlling the position of a process control valve. Proportion-Air’s electronic regulator pressure ranges are available between full vacuum to one-thousand PSI and all suited well to control valve piloting.

This shows a QB1 calibrated 3 to 15 PSI. Proportion-Air regulators are all closed-loop. Supply pressure fluctuations don’t affect downstream pressure, and a DS transducer can be added to confirm the pressure. There is a monitor output signal from the on-board pressure sensor available for data acquisition. Mounting position will not affect its pressure output and instrument air is NOT required.

Plus, traditional I to Ps consume air in a steady state (costing more $ to operate), whereas the Proportion-Air QBX will close and maintain the desired pressure downstream without consuming additional compressed air. Our QBX model is the perfect replacement for most I to Ps and E to Ps.