Ram Pressure Control in Frosting Dispensing

This sketch shows QB3s controlling ram pressure to an automated frosting dispensing process. The air operated diaphragm pump fills one ram while the alternate ram is dispensing product. The QB3 is used to proportionally control air pressure on the ram to control consistent product flow.

The volume of the ram and speed of dispense dictates the required flow rate. In this case, a flow of around 20 CFM is required to maintain the dispense rate and keep up with the conveyor. The QB3 can flow up to 30 SCFM and will control pressure on the ram to accuracy of ±0.25% of full scale calibration.

This is just one example of how Proportion-Air can assist in an air ram application. The dispensed material can be just about anything and our products are simple to use while producing repeatable results. See other examples.