Military flight simulators must include the simulation of the flight suit, belt and air bladders like those used on the actual aircraft. Pressure requirements on flight simulator seat forces are sometimes as low as 1 psig full scale, yet air must be added and vented quickly to respond as changes are required.

A Proportion-Air QB2 with a high forward and relief flow volume booster is well suited for this application. Small pressure step changes are needed and the Proportion-Air’s high resolution electronic regulators are tuned for this type of application. The analog monitor signal can be taken back to the flight simulator computer for data acquisition of pressure in each part of the system controlled.

Providing a realistic flight experience is critical for the operator during a flight simulator session. By controlling specific sections of the seat, Proportion-Air can create subtle (and dramatic) force simulation in real-time as the operator takes evasive manuevers, accelerates, lands or any movement that an acutal pilot would experience.