Leak Test Pressure Control

Leak Test Pressure Control

Leak Test Pressure Control

There are many industrial methods for leak testing products and Proportion-Air is involved in most…This application looks at leak test pressure control with a flow transducer measuring the leak. This test is under constant flow (Dynamic Conditions) and perfect for our QPV.

Pressure in the article under test is held to extremely tight tolerances by the high resolution proportional QPV. The leakage at that pressure is measured by the flow transducer. The smooth, steady control of the proportional solenoid results in an error free flow transducer output.

In this application, the article under test may need to meet a certain leak threshold to qualify as a good product, perhaps the leak rate of the product is known and any flow higher would disqualify it.

Do you leak test your products? Do you need help automating or perfecting the process? Proportion-Air is very experienced with leak test pressure control applications and is happy to share our knowledge and help specify the best product for your situation. Contact us.

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