Medical Product Coating & Spray Atomizing

In this application an FQPV2 proportional valve and an F-Series flow monitor can accurately control the flow of air in an atomizing spray and medical product coating application. The spray is used to coat medical products. The F-Series measures the flow and provides a second loop feedback signal to the FQPV2 to either increase or decrease the flow. As the pressurized air combines with the coating material, the material is atomized for spraying. It coats consistently and accurately.

In this atomizing spray flow control application, the FQPV2 and F-Series will automatically compensate for any build up in the nozzle. As the nozzle clogs, the flow is increased to maintain the plume. This increase can easily be monitored to know when a nozzle cleaning is due. This prevents bad product from irregular coatings and limits downtime.