The GX high pressure valve is a complete re-design of Proportion-Air’s successful GP product. With this re-design we greatly improved the accuracy, resolution and repeatability of our high pressure control valve. The GX high pressure valve is 50% less weight (with non O2 cleaned GX) than the GP. The GX can also be used to pilot a volume booster and achieve much higher flows with the same great accuracy.

The GX-series high pressure valve has several other unique and beneficial features. An on-board split power supply allows true zero for command and monitor even though the GX is powered by a conventional single ended power supply. The GX-series utilizes advanced on board power management hardware to minimize current draw and heat build up. The GX can be paired with a variety of high pressure volume boosters for even greater flow. When using a volume booster, the GX2 can be used to achieve accuracy similar to the GX1.

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Accuracy ±


Repeatability ±

Max Flow (SCFM)

Max P2 (PSI)

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    GX Technical Specifications


    Pressure Range Accuracy Repeatability Max Flow
    Vacuum thru 1,000 PSI (70 Bar) ±0.25% F.S. ±0.15% F.S. 26 SCFM @ 1,000 PSI (736 LPM)
    Port Size Durability Operating Temps Filtration
    1/8″ NPT (BSPP Available) Immune to shock & vibration (up to 20 Gs) 32-158°F (0-70°C) 40 Micron


    GX1 | Internal Sense

    The GX1 electro-pneumatic pressure control valve senses downstream pressure internally and constantly compares this transduced signal with the (user supplied) command signal to maintain pressure to your process. The GX1 is designed for indsutrial environments and static or deadheaded applications. It is available with aluminum, stainless steel or an O2 cleaned brass manifold, suitable for oxygen control.


    High pressure assembly with RG873V/DST


    GX2 | External Sense

    The GX2 high pressure control valve has all the same great features as the GX1, but instead of sensing pressure internally, the GX2 requires an external transducer (pressure, force, etc…) to operate. Most often, the GX2 is used when applications require higher flow rates or are under contant flow. The GX2 is then paired with a suitable volume booster and feedback transducer to meet the demands of the process – As in the example 3D file of the GX2.

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